Jon is a seasoned professional with a strong background in high-tech startups. With 15 years of experience under his belt, he's worked with top companies such as EMC, IBM Research, Publicis Groupe, Cognizant, and TheTradeDesk.

That alone might suggest my journey. However, there's more to my story than the standard "corporate bio". Let's take a detour to give you a closer, personal glimpse into my world:

You might not believe this, but I was just like any other IT guy before 2018. Healthcare was never on my radar. But that changed when I lost my little boy, who was born four months early. He lived for only 80 seconds. Just long enough to feel him growing cold in my arms. We were crushed. Especially my wife, she couldn’t even look at our boy.

This painful incident made me furious at doctors and the healthcare system. I had two choices: hate them forever or do something about it. I chose the latter and decided to fix what I thought was wrong. I wanted to ensure no other family would go through what we did.

Questions like, why did it take John Hopkins so long to send us my wife’s medical records, or why didn’t my wife’s ob-gyn doctor notice the important points in her previous medical history, these all were driving me crazy. This was when I entered the healthcare world.

I started with healthcare startups to get my footing. But the process was complex. Asking healthcare facilities and vendors to move quickly was like moving mountains. These challenges left most of these startups struggling.

Then one day in 2019, I found myself in an urgent care waiting room. My wife had a kitchen accident and nearly lost her finger. The 40 minutes we spent waiting for care felt like forever. I couldn’t do much but hold her close and whisper hopeful words. Sitting there, it hit me. I could buy urgent care clinics and use tech to make them better.

By January 2023, I had a team and Arcs Health was born. We acquired our first clinic in November that year, and are planning to take over 50+ more in the next 5 years. These days, when I’m not working, you can find me at my home in Summit, NJ with my wife and our joyful five-year-old daughter. People often say I’m a workaholic and they’re not wrong. But when I find the time, I love to enjoy some classical music with my wife and a good round of Mario Kart with my daughter. That’s about me, folks.

Jon Roosevelt