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Are you looking for a better way to manage your practice without joining a large hospital or private equity group? You’ve grown to appreciate the benefits of being an owner. Transitioning to being a contracted employee can be challenging versus remaining as a partner in the new company.

what do you get


You have an opportunity to take some cash off of the table and be able to play a significant role, both from a managerial and also economic upside perspective.


Our administrative team seamlessly handles all business operations such as human resources, marketing, revenue cycle management, national payer contracts and more


We help your practice grow and flourish as we keep our commitment to making it all better for you, your employees and your patients.
how it works

You remain independent. You keep your brand.
We offer flexible transaction structure alternatives, such as full or partial liquidity, an opportunity to roll retained equity to allow for a "second bite at the apple," and the option of limited, medium, or long-term involvement in the business post- transaction.

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